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Accompanying sales plans

One of my favorite things is   accompanying sales teams over time.

The continuous contact with the organization and the team makes it possible to adapt the methods of operation on the fly and leads to a powerful change.

In general, in sales, everything revolves around relationships - and this is what the mentoring process allows us to create - a relationship with a common goal.

Accompanying a sales team is something that is always good to do and is especially important in the following situations:

  • Strengthening the managerial level of the sales system [new managers, sudden and large recruitment of salespeople]

  • Pre-sale events - where high capacities are required in a short time

  • Maximum utilization of the hot season in your organization [seasonal product/service, holiday period, etc.]

  • A significant increase in the amount of leads 

  • Launching a new activity

One of the questions that clients often ask me is what happens after the construction or training project ends? Who makes sure that everything we built and transferred is implemented in the field? Making sure that there will be no regression after a short period? 

We need to obsessively practice actions until they become a habit.

  I'm here to make sure that happens.

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